Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance


Porto Central has a solid governance structure, based on the principles of ethics, transparency and respect for the Company’s Members and Partners.

Ethical Commitment

Porto Central believes that the promotion of ethical and moral principles are fundamental for the sustainable growth of its businesses.

In order to guide its relations with the Company’s Members and Partners, Porto Central has developed its Code of Ethics and Professional Conducts, which consolidates and publicizes the Company’s ethical standards and rules of behavior.

Porto-Central-Code-of-Ethics-and-Professional-Conduct-rotate Click here to consult our Code of Ethics and Professional Conducts


Ombudsman Channel

Electronic form

Letter addressed to the Ethics Committee at
Rua Abiail do Amaral Carneiro, nº 41, 7º floor,
Enseada do Suá, Vitória/ES,
CEP: 29.050-908

Telephone: +55 27 3200-3779 – Ext. Ethics Committee

Reinforcing its transparency commitment, Porto Central created the Ombudsman Channel to receive reports about any violations and investigate it by the Ethics Committee.

In all cases, it will be assured the confidentially, anonymity, independence, impartiality and exemption in treatment, in the investigation and archive of the information received.

The Ombudsman Channel can also be used to clarify any doubts or suggestions about Porto Central Code of Ethics and Professions Conduct.

Make your report on the Ombudsman Channel through the means on the left.

The Ombudsman Channel shall be used with responsibility for sending questions related to the Company’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. For other matters, please visit the contact page of this website for specific channels of contact.