Corporate Structure

Porto Central is an international project that strategically combines experience in port management and Brazilian entrepreneurship. On April 29, 2014, a Joint Venture between was formally signed for the development of Porto Central Project, whose shareholders are:

  • PORT OF ROTTERDAM: is an unlisted public limited company, whose shareholders are the Municipality of Rotterdam (approx. 70%) and the Dutch Government (approx. 30%). The Port of Rotterdam is known worldwide as the largest industrial port complex in Europe and a reference in port management and development of world-class ports. The objective of the Port of Rotterdam in his activities at the World Port Network is to enhance the ports competitive position as a logistic hub and a world-class industrial complex. For its Brazilian activities, Porto of Rotterdam has established a subsidiary named Port of Rotterdam Participações do Brasil.

  • TPK LOGÍSTICA S/A: is a company with extensive experience in port operation, mining, civil construction, logistics, offshore industry and energy. TPK Logística S/A has as its main shareholder Polimix, one of the leading concrete producers in Brazil, present in 21 Brazilian States and 6 other countries.

The synergies between the Brazilian TPK Logística S/A and the Dutch Port of Rotterdam enable the development of a unique project that connects Brazil to the international market.

WPN - 2017

World Port Network

Port of Rotterdam develops a World Port Network to facilitate trade and generate new business opportunities around the globe for ports and clients of Port of Rotterdam.

Through this Network, the Port of Rotterdam uses its brand, contacts and experience to develop a high standard port management in strategically ports located in growth markets, enabling commercial advantages and operational synergies with world players. The focus lies on countries and areas of strategic interest: the Middle East, Brazil, Africa, China, India and Southeast Asia.

The World Port Network currently is formed by the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, SOHAR Port and Freezone in Oman and Porto Central in Brazil. Port of Rotterdam’s involvement ensures world class port facilities, safe, reliable and efficient operations as well as a transparent business environment.

The companies that come to Porto Central will benefit from the same standards in reliability and efficiency offered by the World Port Network, as well as new business opportunities.


Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam has over 600 year’s experience in successfully managing and developing world class port infrastructure in Rotterdam and internationally with its World Port Network. It is the largest logistic and industrial hub of Europe and eight largest in the world.

With 450 million tons of cargo per year, it is the main gateway to the European market, with over 350 million consumers. The Port of Rotterdam has about 12.500 ha of port area, accommodating many different terminals able to receive the largest vessels in the world, 24 hours per day/7 day per week.

The transport of cargo is carried out fast, economic and efficient by inland shipping, roads, railroads, pipeline, as well as by short sea or feeder.

Because of Port of Rotterdam’s knowledge, experience and international network enable their partners to push their business boundaries.

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SOHAR Port and Freezone

The SOHAR Port and Freezone is one of the fastest growing ports in the world, located in an area of 2.000 hectares in the Sultanate of Oman in the Persian Gulf. The port is operational since 2002 and is being managed by Sohar Industrial Port Company (SIPC), a Joint Venture between the Port of Rotterdam and the Sultanate of Oman Government.

Sohar Port and Freezone is a smart logistic hub, with unhindered nautical access, modern logistics facilities for different types of cargo and road, rail and air connections. A market with more than 1 billion people from booming economies of the Gulf States, India and east Africa is within easy reach to Sohar’s.

Next to the port area, the SOHAR Port and Freezone has been developing the SOHAR Freezone, an area of 4.500 hectares bordering the existing port area.

At this moment, SOHAR Port and Freezone houses in the port world class companies, such as C. Steinweg and Hutchison Port Holdings, as well as one of the world’s largest iron ore terminals, built for Vale’s operations, the Brazilian mining giant.

In the past five years, the cargo volumes of the SOHAR Port and Freezone have grown significantly from 11 million tons to 45 million tons. As an acknowledgement of its quality and performance, SOHAR Port and Freezone won the 2013 Seatrade Middle East Award for Port Authority of the Year.

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